Our Story

Makis Kotris specializes in leather shoes, all of which are designed and handcrafted in Athens, Greece.

Our innovation

We works with passion, offering genuine handmade craftsmanship from design to packaging. We uses handpicked premium materials without lose integrity and timeless design.

Our inspiration

The soothing and dazzling blue and the light of the Aegean, the simplicity and timelessness of Ancient Greek symbols and the rich culture of Greece, compose our inspiration for creating the perfect shoe for the modern woman.

Our philosophy

Makis Kotris was born out of a burning passion for creating a brand with high aesthetic integrity for women who value their independence, individuality, and making an impression.
But what is Makis Kotris really about?
Makis Kotris is the intersection of high quality and high aesthetics. It is honoring old Greek traditions while applying modern know-how.
Makis Kotris is our non-negotiable values, respecting each and every woman by providing timeless products that enchant, seduce and last.

Our signature

You can always recognize Makis Kotris by the classy combination “Leather with metal greek symbols” that has essentially introduced us to the market and become the signature of our brand. Each one of our collections is authentic and unique. Explore them and add a chic touch to your summer or winter outfit.

Production process